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Openings & Conflict-#WritingTipsWithJosh

Hey everybody! I just wanted to let you know that this week’s #WritingTipsWithJosh video has been LIVE on YouTube since yesterday afternoon. I’m sorry that I hadn’t posted it here until now, but, you know, life.

Any way, this week’s video contains TWO tips, to make up for my skipping last week’s video, due to my daughter’s tonsillectomy on Tuesday. If you would have an idea for a video or have a question you want to see featured in a #WritingTipsWithJosh segment, let me know in the comments section here or on YouTube, or you can ask using the #WritingTipsWithJosh hashtag on Facebook or twitter. Also, remember to follow me on those platforms. I still have the gift-card giveaway going on Facebook. As soon as I hit 250 likes there, I’ll be giving away a $25 Giftcard ABSOLUTELY FREE. Remember, one like equals one entry into the drawing to win!

Until next time, Write On guys! Enjoy!


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