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Monday Mash-Up: 6/20/16

MUMLast week was the first week of my new blogging schedule, and I have to say that I’m very pleased with how it went.

Today is Mash-Up Monday, so it’s time for my weekly recap of news and information from the previous week:

On Monday of last week, I announced that I will be following a new blogging schedule that will allow you to know what is coming every day. In the event that you missed the announcement that I will be following a new schedule, you can find it HERE.

For my first ever “Tuesday Tales” segment, I wrote a short story about how I met and came to know one of my closest friends and confidants, R.F. Dunham. You can read that story HERE.

On Wednesday, I was on twitter and noticed something in the “trending” section that has serious implications for somebody in my profession. To find out what happened, check THIS out.

Thursday, of course, I did my newest installment in the #WritingTipsWithJosh video series, on introductions and prologues. I did not do a blog post here, because I was invited to do a guest blog post on writing tips, and I knew that I could do the post there. To view the video, go to this LINK, and to read the post, go HERE.

On Friday, I featured guest writer Ian Townsend, who wrote of his own journey to writing. You can read Ian’s post HERE.

Last week, we took a big step in my company’s fiction writing contest, as an award-winning and best-selling author agreed to assist us with the judging of the contest. To read the announcement, go HERE, and to enter, visit this LINK.


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