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I am always looking to support other independent authors, publishers, and new writers just getting started. If you are interested in doing a blog swap with me, then please read the following guidelines and fill out the form below.

  • Posts should be between 750-1500 words. I am willing to accept longer (depending on the subject matter) and only with prior approval, but never less.
  • If you elect to share a short story, it must not be in circulation in any other location, neither print nor digital.
  • All subjects are acceptable to discuss, but only with prior approval from me. For example, if you want to discuss politics and how they can/do affect writers, that is perfectly acceptable, as long as you receive approval from me before hand. If you want to write a Nazi manifesto or state an opinion that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a terrorist organization, I will reject it. If you want to discuss how your Buddhist, Sikh, Islamic, Christian, Jewish, or other faith system impacts your writing, that is okay, but only with prior permission from me, and only if the topic is handled so as to not be disparaging to other faith systems.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to respond to any comments that appear on your guest post, however, your responses will be monitored by me, and if I find them to be disparaging to others, insulting, profane, or in simple bad taste, I will delete them. Yes, this is purely subjective, I know, but it’s my site so you’ll have to get over it.

All that being said, I look forward to hearing from you and reading your submission!

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