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My Journey to Writing

My name is Josh Davis, and I am a writer. There was a time that I had a hard time identifying myself as such, due to the fact that I have not sold a single book published in my own name, have won few awards, and have not established a following of rabid readers who can’t wait to see what I come up with next. No, I am still working on my first novel and my regular readership consists of only one, and she is inconsistent at that. Fact is, I am not what you would think of when you hear the lofty title of “writer.” But still, I classify myself as such.

Like Martin Luther King Jr., I am a man with a dream. A dream that one day, the words that I place together in sentences on a napkin, cell-phone or computer screen, newspaper, or in a book, will change this wacky place we call Earth for the better. But more on that later-right now is the time for me to tell you my story.

For me, writing is more than a way to put my thoughts out there in a medium that others can understand. It is more than some form of art. No, my writing is made of that which can not be easily described…it is that fleeting moment when a glance in the eyes of a fellow patron across the coffee shop that metamorphoses into a silent conversation which hints at the reality of love at first sight. It is that swooping sensation felt just as the roller-coaster begins its descent after reaching the pinnacle of its first peak. It is nothing less than the single most powerful phenomenon that any man has ever experienced. It is that which makes life so grand, the reason I praise God for waking me up for another day. It is part of my soul communicating directly to a part of my reader’s soul.

The dream began for me, not as a realization that I enjoy writing, but rather as the realization that perhaps I had been wrong for a long time. You see, when my journey to writing began, I had a completely different dream. When I was young, I became highly interested in the American Civil War, and read as much as I could get my hands on about the four year conflict. At the age of 10, I discovered that there were people who were paid by the federal government to work in for the national park service to preserve our nation’s history. On a field-trip to Red Hill (the home of Patrick Henry, the Virginia Statesman who famously said, “give me liberty or give me death,” and who served as Governor of my home state) with my public school class, I spoke to the park historian and asked what it would take to work for the National Park Service. So the dream began as a desire to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in history, and work as an NPS Historian. As I got older, I kept this ambition close to my heart.

Later, after I entered my hometown high-school, and joined the varsity football team, I began to realize the impact that a man has on younger men, and the dream changed. When my school sponsored a “career day,” we were instructed to go to two stations and find out what they were all about. I went to the teacher and farmer stations. At the “teacher” station, my change in dream took its turn…I now wanted to teach history at the high-school level, and become a football coach to make a positive impact on young men who were dealing with the impacts of the cultural attacks on manhood, and especially Christian manhood. I still wanted to receive my B.A. in History, but with a teacher’s license to accompany it.

Once I began college at Liberty University, the worlds largest evangelical Christian university, just up the road from my hometown in Lynchburg, VA, the dream began to change once more. After entering the B.A. Social Sciences with Teacher Licensure program of study, I was required to attend classes in Education, which I began in my second semester at Liberty. But during the semester, I began to feel the call on my life to not just lead passively, by being a Christian teacher in the public school system, but to get a second bachelor’s degree, but this one would be in Religion, with a specialization in Biblical Studies. I would use this to teach young people not just American and World History, but also teach the Bible, in some way.

Once I took some English Composition classes, I found that I had a talent for the written word. I had multiple college professors tell me that it would be a shame if I did not develop this talent further, and use it to glorify God in some way. I also found that my desire for teaching history was not nearly as strong as it once was, and was getting weaker with every passing day. This was because I was spending so much time studying the Bible, and I began to see the connection between the study of religion and my talent and desire to write…I felt led to write for the glory of God, and teach others about Him. It became clear that my desire to teach, which predates my belief in God or faith in his Son’s redeeming work on the cross of Calvary, was a tool that God used to put me where He wants me.

I have operated a website in the past, known as Laymen’s Theology, in which I (a Christian Layman) would teach Theology in Layman’s terms. Also, I worked with the Youth Group in my church (Hebron Baptist in Appomattox County, Virginia) as a lay-leader. I write for pleasure, I write to teach, and I write to learn. I have written poetry, essays, reports for newspapers, and short stories. Right now, I am working on a short novel, with plans to start working on another as well. Also, I will occasionally post my thoughts on various current events-from a Christian perspective-or even my poetry. I will likely also include the occasional scholarly essay. It is my fervent hope and prayer that you will get to know me through this site, and that God might use this site to further your walk with Him.

My name is Josh Davis, and I am a Christian. I am a writer.
Romans 1:16



  1. Betty Dotson says:

    I’ve certainly learned more about you. Did you get your degree? Stay in The Word & allow God to always lead.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Josh Davis says:


      No, I never earned my degree. My hope is to one day return to school (most likely a cheaper college or university) and finish earning my degree. In the meantime, however, I’m honoring him the best way I know how…by creating, as he created.

      Thanks for visiting, you’ll never know how much I truly appreciate it!



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